Restaurant Fru Berg - - God mad i behagelige omgivelser -
Lux variation of Fish – sole, shrimp, salmon, caviar and lettuce          kr. 149,-

Filet of Fish with french fries and remoulade                                    kr. 129,-

Beef tartar
w. pickles, capers, beetroot, onion, egg yolk, horseradish                   kr. 149,-

Cheese Burger                                                                                    kr. 149,-

Dinner: (Usually the fish is caught the same day)

Freshly caught Plaice with potatoes and butter sauce                         kr. 198,-

Freshly caught Plaice with potatoes and parsley sauce                            kr. 209,-

Freshly caught Plaice with potatoes, bacon, onions & mushrooms        kr. 229,-

Mussels with bread and Aïoli                                                               kr. 198,-